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Ever since my dance single "Pretty Mess" debuted and hit #1 on Billboard in 2010, people have referred to me as “The Pretty Mess”—a term summing up all that Erika Jayne represents: glitz, glamour, fantasy, escape. It’s about being free and unapologetically yourself, and it’s a philosophy that runs through everything I do, from performing on club stages and Broadway to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the New York Times Bestsellers list. So, naturally, my new hair venture was destined to be titled Pretty Mess Hair.

As a performer at heart, I’ve always felt drawn to express myself through wardrobe and beauty and I’ve come to find that hair is often the element that completes any fabulous outfit. Over the years, I have experienced hair extensions from all over the world, providing me firsthand knowledge of the market and what works best for everyday living, special events, and those nights you throw on stilettos to go dancing with your best friends. I have spent years learning the secrets to having the best hair, so I am thrilled to incorporate all of this into Pretty Mess Hair.

I have hand selected every detail of this line, from the perfect colors and lengths, to the finest virgin European hair. And because I love a voluminous mane, it was extremely important that we add extra hair into every set. This line is ethically sourced directly from healthy donors, providing the prettiest hair possible available in a variety of options, from long-term hair extensions to instant clip-ins and halos, so that anyone can reinvent themselves as often as they like. Life can be pretty messy sometimes, but if we sprinkle in some glitz, glamour and fantasy for ourselves, we can have our own Pretty Mess escape—freely and unapologetically—anytime we want.

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About Pretty Mess Hair

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