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Less is MORE


Pretty Packs

Our new Pretty Packs are just the perfect amount (75g-100g) of hair where you and your friends will notice the difference, but it won't be strikingly obvious that you have hair extensions in. Just enough to make you feel Pretty. The Pretty Packs will also allow you to mix and match colors to get that custom look. Available in both the DIY and Pro Collections. Try our new Pretty Packs today.


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Less Is More

Just the perfect amount of hair volume. No one will ever know, you're wearing extensions.

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Mix & Match

Pretty Packs allow you to mix and match colors to give you a custom look. 

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Change Often

Smaller packs allow you to change your look as often as you like.

DIY Pretty

These are my favorite day-to-day hair extensions. I can install this collection myself in less than 10 minutes. I can change my look every day with the different lengths and colors. I can also change the volume of hair I put in with the Pretty Mess Clips ins. Whether I'm just doing lunch with my friends or running errands around town, these are my go-to extensions. The Pretty Mess Clip Ins and Halo's are also perfect for the bride-to-be or the entire wedding party!

Pro Pretty

Whether I'm filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or I'm on stage, this professional line of Pretty Mess Hair extensions is my collection of choice. I'm so excited to offer the pro line for a more semi-permanent/ permanent installation. We have the most popular products like the trendy Hand-Tied Wefts and the brand new Micro Wefts. For all my stylists, these will be your favorite line for all of your clients. I'm pleased to offer thicker volumes and longer lengths. The pro line of extensions do require a licensed hair extension specialist to install and maintain. As Pretty Mess Hair grows worldwide, we will offer a tab on this site where clients can seek hair extension specialists in their area. If you're a stylist that wants to get on the pro stylist list, please email us with your credentials. 

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