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Hair color is so important to me. I feel that your hair color is the first thing people notice. For this reason, it became an important mission of mine to find the absolute best hair dyes in the world.


I learned which hair dyes were as natural as can be and which dyes would be long lasting. The Pretty Mess Hair dyes also had to possess natural color dimensions. I found this in Morocco

Moroccan hair dyes and therefore the Pretty Mess Hair dyes are an all-natural permanent color system. Our plant & flower dyes penetrate each hair strand to the cortex leaving a long-lasting deep rich color. As opposed to semi-permanent or demi-permanent systems, our permanent colors will not fade or wash out.

Skin sensitivity was also very important to me and all of the Pretty Mess Hair colors are Ammonia, Paraben, Sulfate and PPD free. We don't use any developers, so our formulas are also peroxide free.

Oils are essential components for healthy hair. Our hair dyes and depositing process include essential oils like Jojoba and Moringa Oils. These oils provide natural hydrating elements and they leave the hair looking and feeling soft and silky. Since the oils are infused during the color deposit process, the hair does not look or feel oily.


My team and I have worked hard to bring to you 39 of the most popular colors and color combinations. We have a color ring available to make color matching much easier. You can find the color ring, by click here. If at anytime you need help color matching to your current hair color, please know you can email us and we'd be glad to help. 

Hair color is truly one of my passions and we'll be periodically adding new color combinations. Don't worry, get on my VIP list and you'll be in the know.


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