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Hair Care

One of the reasons my hair looks on point at all times is that I have adopted a daily hair care regimen. I stick to it everyday and it really is the key to maintaining that salon fresh look. If you adopt the same hair care as I do, you will not only have glamourous locks now, but for a long time. You'll truly extend the life of your extensions. It doesn't take as long as you may think!

  • Brush, brush and keep brushing your hair extensions. Do it every day and as often as you can. It is the most overlooked regimen, yet the easiest. It keeps your hair extensions clean and prevents you from having to wash them as often. You have my signature boar bristle extension brush included. This is the same extension brush that my stylist and glam squad uses on my hair. I carry it with me at all times. It's my favorite and most important extension tool!


  • Do not over wash your hair extensions. They don't get as dirty as you may think. Over washing removes the essential oils your extensions need to stay hydrated, soft and silky. Here is one of my beauty secrets...I use purified water to wash my hair and extensions. It contains no hard minerals/ chemicals and leaves my hair silky soft and manageable until the next time I need to wash.


  • Use only professional products made specifically for hair extensions. One of my favorites for my extensions is Malibu C. Their formulas are specific for hair extensions, especially my signature platinum blondes. Their formulas keep my extensions hydrated and tangle-free.


  • Never sleep with wet hair. Let your hair air dry to 90%, apply a professional heat protectant and then use your hair dryer on a low heat setting to completely dry the remaining 10%. Style as you desire. If you keep your hair extensions in at night, make sure to place all of your hair in a loose braid or top knot. Use a silk pillowcase to prevent unnecessary friction.


  • Apply a leave in conditioner if going to the pool or beach. This will provide a layer of protection against UV rays, salt and chlorine. Put your hair in a top knot and try not to submerge your hair underwater. Wash, condition and hydrate your hair immediately afterwards using the Malibu C products specifically designed for swimmers. This will remove all the harsh elements and restore your hair extensions back to a neutral PH.


  • Do not use purple shampoos, lifters or toners without seeking professional help from a licensed stylist that specializes in hair extensions. These products can cause irreparable damage to your hair and your hair extensions.

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